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    Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church, formerly known as Olive Grove Baptist Church, came into existence in the mid 1800's. The church was the spiritual haven for our forefathers and mothers whom planted their roots in the churches' foundation over a century ago. Olive Grove continues to serve the extended families of the Fitts, Howards, Lynches, Carters, Boyds, etc. To date, the fourth to the sixth generations celebrate the legacy left behind. The spiritual needs are met through weekly worship services with the breaking of bread, baptisms, confirmations, affirmations of faith and the like. Once a year a "Homecoming Service" is held in memory of our baptism for regular and long lost family and friends gather under the roof of Olive Grove for worship and fellowship. We invite and welcome all to come and experience this transformational weekend. It is a spiritual, uplifting and awesome occasion.
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    The Olive Grove Club

    The following people kept the legacy of family going through the formation of the Olive Grove Club of Littleton, North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland:

    Nathan Murray Gundy, Sr. Mozelle A. Carter Gundy
    11 Nov. 1903-21 Dec. 1986 30 April 1908-16 June 1993
    Lindon Buz Carter Magnolia Hedgepeth Carter
    7 April 1872-8 March 1936 28 Dec. 1909-31 Oct. 1999
    Portia Mildred Carter Smith Shipley Nannie Lee Yancey Boyd
    16 July 1910-7 June 1986 8 April 1919-5 July 1982
    Lillian Boyd Carter Alston Helen D. Webster Alston
    24 Feb. 1902-11 Oct. 1989 18 April 1913-29 Oct. 1983
    Ruth Olamae Howard Lynch Mary Ellen Howard Davis
    8 Dec. 1905-22 May 1996 30 March 1909-15 April 2009
    Olivia Carter

    All glory, honor and praise be to God for all the saints who walked by deed and example. They taught us the meaning of perseverance---to walk by faith and not by sight. May their souls rest in peace. Amen. Olive Grove's motto is, "It's time to be about our Father's business and so I rise." The journey continues...

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