Lethia M. Alston


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    Lethia Wilkins Alston, b. 7 Jan. 1883-13 March 1960, was the daughter of Stephen Kimble and Lucretia Patillo. Lethia's siblings were: Thollie H. Kimble, b1885-1955 (married: Mary Alice Carter), Anne Wilkins, b.1896, Elizabeth Wilkins, b.????, Cubia Wilkins, b.1874-1930, (married James T. Carter), William Henry Wilkins, b.1868-1956, ( married Arie Carter Carter), Martha Wilkins, b.1876 (married James Fields), Nelson Wilkins, Jr., b.1878-1944, Benjamin R. Wilkins, b.1893-1959, (married Virginia Carter), Gertrude W. Wilkins, b. 1895-1988, (married Robert E. Carter), Leonard Wilkins, b.1899, McKinley Wilkins, Sr., b.1898-1985, (married Lottie Carter) & Courtney Wilkins, b. 1886-1967, (married James Sommerville).

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